Penned by people who rate us

people who rate us

Kind words from 

Recommendations - penned by clients and people we've worked with

Trust is one of the hardest things to earn but it's even tougher to come by when the services you provide impact on the future of a business.


That's why we jealously protect our reputation for great work, straight-talking and integrity, and are justifiably proud of the recommendations our clients and associates have made about what we do and how we do it, both individually and collectively. Below are just a few of the kind words that have been penned about us and we're happy to furnish further recommendations if requested.


Kind words from our clients and people who've worked with us 

"Trevor engaged our team here at Pact to examine our brand and its expression, with a real focus on our customers. As a result, he helped us galvinise our thoughts about our brand, explore our data and better describe our offer.

It made a real difference to how we describe what Pact does and the approach we take to our target audience."


Stephen Rapoport


Pact Coffee


"Working with our diverse management team here at G Casinos, Trevor helped us explore our customer journey in detail. It led to tangible actions that made a real difference to improving our KPI's, moving them from red to green. If, like us, you're business relies on delivering the best customer experience then I recommend you get in touch with Trevor at Rude Health."



General Manager

G-Casinos Piccadilly


"Tip top creative, with a wealth of experience from all corners of the globe. Great sense of humour to boot too!"


Lee Morgan
Commercial Director at Perfect Storm.

"The best and most inspirational creative services team I have been part of and which could not have functioned without Trevor's creativity, motivational skills and leadership excellence. Trevor is straight talking and knows how to get the best out of people while at the same time being sensitive to the team ethic."


Paul Kent
Creative Web Professional

"Trevor is without question, the most talented and inspirational strategist I have ever had the pleasure to work with. 
He is not only an amazing talent, insanely intelligent but quite simply an absolute delight to work alongside. 
Every company worth its mettle should have a professional like him to help steer its brand."


Barry Floyd

Managing Director

Golden Leaves Limited


"Trevor is a truly innovative thinker who is unconstrained by channel or medium. He has a real passion for quality and is not prepared to accept second-best."


Dennis Kerslake
Mentor at Merryck & Co

"Trevor is a Planner's Dream. He is totally committed to strategy and insight as the starting point for all of his work. He then he has the magical ability to transfer that insight into brilliant creative work. I truly enjoyed wortking with Trevor as we created great work (that worked) and had a good time too."


Amanda Griffiths

Communications Planning Lead at Royal Mail MarketReach

"Trevor has an unerring ability to dig deep to find the nugget of gold in any brief, whatever the client. Like all great thinkers he knows that the brand idea is everything, and works tirelessly (and often long into the night!) to ensure that it is brought to life.

Above all, he is one of the most civilised people I have ever worked with."


Tim Terry