Making a stronger brew

Pact Coffee - getting to the bottom of what makes Pact great

Stephen Rapoport had a clear vision; to provide freshly roasted coffee, delivered through your letterbox, wherever you live in the UK, and it led to him starting Pact Coffee.

Like all great start-ups, Stephen identified a genuine need and set about fulfilling it by developing a trusted and ethical value chain from the world's best coffee farmers to your door.

It’s an offer that chimes with Pact’s customers and the business has achieved Stella growth in sales over the past 2 years.

Along the way Stephen has gathered a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people around him that now number almost fifty.


The business challenge

Stephen needed to ensure every aspect of his brand and its expression was customer focused to underscore Pact’s determination to deliver the best possible product and service. That's where Rude Health came in.


The brand challenge

Working with the Pact team we helped identify key differentiators, create customer profiles, define a clear value proposition and developed brand attributes like tone and style, all with a view to advancing the brand’s clarity and appeal. You can see this thinking in Pact’s latest TV ad.























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Making a 

stronger brew