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John Wallinger

CRM and Data Planner 

John at MPP specialises in data-driven insightful marketing and communications planning to get the best out of any interaction with your customers. He offers a range of multi-disciplinary planning solutions that are holistic, fresh, agile and effective.

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Over the years we've built up a network of people who are both highly awarded and industry recognised for their individual expertise across all aspects of communications. This means we can build the right team around your specific challenges to arrive at solutions that really get your business going.   

Mike Fay

Head of Digital 
Mike has over 20 years experience in digital communications, branding and digital design. He's worked in many of the major agencies across the b2b and b2c sectors on clients like Land Rover, Canon and Vodafone to name a few.

Mike believes his body is a temple, keeping it as he does, in rude health. 

Tim Terry

Copy / content guru

Tim creates copy that's unique. He's not only well versed in making copy work hard across all platforms but he also has that rare knack of ensuring it sounds like copy your business would write. He prides himself on finding your tone, style and manner so your customers enjoy a consistent and seamless dialogue.

You'll find Tim at

Paul Kent

User experience

Paul has decades of experience in front-end web developer and digital branding all with a focus on the user experience. His career has embraced the evolving digital landscape and he dedicates his waking hours to staying abreast of the latest developments. He is currently devoting his time to the charity sector for organisations like Rethink Mental Illness, Mind and Tommy’s

Shafi Pawani

Artwork / retouching

Shafi is an artwork and retouching specialist having honed his skills over decades of working on accounts like British Airways, Nescafé, Walkers, Disney, BP, Hitachi and Sony.

He's also pretty handy with a camera, which helps when you spend your life dealing with images.

Elizabeth Tindall

Senior Planner

Elizabeth has a wealth of experience specialising in brand strategy and research. She's worked at many of the UK's premiere agencies like Nerve, JWT and Ogilvy on everything from airlines to charities, with a particular focus on response marketing.  

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