Measuring your brands readiness to do business

Brand Fit Test - how ready is your brand to do business? 

I used to run, charging about believing speed was everything. Then I damaged my knee, which literally stopped me in my tracks.


Pretty soon I started to gain weight and felt, well, unfit. So when I donned a pair of old jogging shoes and started exercising again I gained a new and unexpected perspective on what being fit meant. Because it was then that I noticed brands that were, like me, out of shape and struggling to find their feet. It led me to create The Brand Fit Test - an eight-point measure of a brand's readiness to do business.


Why not take The Brand Fit Test now? It only takes 10 minutes and together with your results we'll send you suggestions on how to address any challenges your test reveals. It could be the next big-step you take to improving your brand's performance.


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